The Bit Boy!! game series' story is all about time traveling and saving the colorful world of pixels.

Different games are connected in the same universe where the one and only pixel hero Kubi is going to save
his pixel friends again and again, but everytime in a different manner of gameplay.

In the original Bit Boy!! game Kubi traveled through the different eras of the Videogame history with all its different
graphical styles. In Bit Boy!! ARCADE Kubi will also see different styles, ...
... but with a huge and surprising twist.

Kubi meets Bernd, the game designer, which at first is not the greatest thing in universe because he
deleted all of Kubi's beloved pixel friends together with the whole pixel world to create a new game.

Hopefully during the game Kubi will be able to understand that it was not Bernd's fault that
the mighty Pixel King Fly got kidnapped by the evil, black Shadow Plattchen too.
Will Kubi and Bernd ever become friends?

During the pixelated adventure Kubi and Bernd will not only hunt for high scores...

...they will also travel through space... the almighty gear wheel ZeLeLi...

...and learn something about game development too.

Help Bernd and Kubi through this action-focused time traveling adventure,
revive all the golden Pixel Flies, find the Pixel King Fly and defeat all the evil monsters!